Madinah Arabic Reader (Basic Arabic Class)

  • One year Arabic course
  • Class times: Weekly every Saturday, 3-4 pm (gmt)
  • Fee: 49 USD per month

The Madinah Arabic Reader is a set of books authored and taught at the Madinah Islamic University.

This course consist of all that will be required for the beginner in his quest to master the Arabic Language.

The course is a one year weekly course.It will enable the student to fully understand and comprehend Arabic at a basic level, enough to understand the grammatical and linguistic aspects of the Quran.

This course includes the most important aspects of Grammar,Morphology and Rhetoric that will help the students at advancing towards the more advanced courses in the Arabic Language.

Courses will be recorded and will be made available to all the students who will have signed up to the course.

 Course Instructor: Shaykh Luqman Mohamed