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Courses that we offer

Ijaazah in the Riwaayah of Hafs ‘an Aasim
This course is a course which includes the study of Tajweed and the application of all the rules of...
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Ijaazah in the 10 Qira’aat via the way of Shaatibiyah and Durrah
This is a yearly course in the study of the 10 QiraƔat via the way of Shatibiayh and Durrah. ...
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Madinah Arabic Reader (Basic Arabic Class)
One year Arabic courseClass times: Weekly every Saturday, 3-4 pm (gmt)Fee: 49 USD per month ...
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Arabic Grammar (Ajrumiyah)
(This class has not yet been scheduled, as time progresses it will be available to students who are...
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Arabic Rhetoric (Balaaghah)
(This class has not yet been scheduled, as time progresses it will be available to students who are ...
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Classical Arabic Poetry (Muallaqaat)
(This class is currently running, Contact admin for further enquiries)
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About Us

Zuhayr Academy is an intensive online academy which focuses on the teaching of all the various aspects of the Arabic Language.

Our mission at Zuhayr Academy is to help spread and propagate the use and understanding of the Arabic language which will then in turn help with the complete and true understanding of the Deen of Islam.

Zuhayr Academy is mainly focused on the tutoring of Classical Arabic, however the Academy also plans on hosting numerous other courses which would include the study of the Tajweed and the various Qiraat. We likewise plan in the future to set up courses on the Tafseer of the quran.

We ask of Allah to grant us true sincerity in the propagation of his Deen and to accept all the efforts of Zuhayr Academy and every other institute propagating his deen.

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